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4th Apr 2018 5 PM - 6 PM
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Post Natal Traditional Massage

  • S$120.00

  • Ex Tax: S$120.00


Check available times on the panel on the right
1 hour hours 15 mins
Service will be at your location Available in these locations
Single Session
English, Malay


Techniques Apply: Traditional Javanese Massage after birth massage
-FREE: Tapel & Pilis Jammu paste for external application 
-Additional duration of 15mins of  Hot Stone compressed on Tummy to release the blood clot
-Using Traditional 9m yard binder. 3 layers.
Heat Thermal Blanket Laying flat for the whole body to release toxins and keep the body warm
-Breast Feeding Support to help stimulates more milk flow  (Not for engorgement)
-Baby Traditional Massage (upon mothers request)


Inclusive: 75 minutes whole body massage with Jamu Passion After Birth Massage Oil , Hot Lemongrass Oil, Hot Slim Cream for tummy, Cold Slim cream on targetted areas, 
Pure Jamu for external applications(param,tapil,lipis) , On loan bengkung & gurita (application for jamu n bengkung takes 5 mins)


Mattress and towels
Stove for cooking the hot stone
Hot water for Lulur Massahe paste

Suitable for Mommies who wants to opt for trial session or choose on how many days they want without a strict flat 5, days, 7 days or 14 days.

-HOUSECALL Transportation $30/$40 varies on 2 trip location


You cannot cancel your booking. You can reschedule your booking, subject to vendor's agreement.
Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

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