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What You Need To Know About Aircon Servicing And Maintenance 

Air-conditioners in your home or office require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that it remains cool and energy-efficient.  Most air-con professionals recommend that you have your units serviced at least once in 3 months or 4 times a year, even if you do not use it.  Let's have a look at the benefits of having your air-con serviced by a professional.

In tropical Singapore, air conditioners are a must-have if you want to enjoy a restful sleep at night or watch an afternoon movie at home. If you use an air conditioner for about 6-8 hours a day, it can cost you about 50% - 70% of your entire electrical bill! SPGroup has a nifty tool to estimate your energy bill here.

Over time, particles such as dust, pollen, pet hair, and mold spores, tend to adhere to the fins of the cooling coil of the multi-split units. This can reduce airflow across the coil, reducing the cooling power, and forcing your main compressor to work harder and thus increasing your energy bills! With our humidity levels, condensation forms very quickly when you turn on or off your AC and more dirt and colonies of bacteria will stay rent-free in your home. And when you turn it on again the blower sprays out all these allergens onto you and your family resulting in a variety of infections and health problems.

Servicing your air-con regularly will make it work more efficiently and will also make it to last longer. A qualified technician can often find and address small problems with A/C units through a regular inspection that, left unnoticed, could result in much larger repair bills. There are many advantages of keeping your air conditioner in good shape:

~ Efficient operation of your AC
~ Reduce your energy bills
~ Increase the lifespan and save on repair and replacement cost
~ Better living environment by keeping out dust and dirt
~ Reduce wear and tear

During a typical service call, most AC technicians will check/do the following:

~ Check and clean air-con filter
~ Check deodorizing and purifying filter
~ Check and clean the indoor evaporator coil
~ Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
~ Vacuum & flush the drainage pipes
~ Anti-Bacteria treatment (some)
~ Check freon gas level at the compressor
~ Test and commission the system

Many air-con service companies charge between $30 - $40 per fan coil and you do get savings for more units serviced or when you sign up for a 1-year contract. If you cannot remember when you last had your aircon serviced, it might be a good idea to have a full chemical overhaul to get a much thorough cleaning - then do it every 3 months to maintain its efficiency.

If you do hire a company, check to make sure its technicians are qualified and have the necessary experience. If your system seems to be working fine but the technician suggests expensive repairs or replacing your A/C unit, get advice from other companies before authorizing any work to be done. Most air conditioners should last 15 years, with proper maintenance.