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Prenatal Traditional Massage (60mins)

Mommy Love Massage

S$70.00 S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

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Traditional Javanese Massage

Mommy Love Massage

S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

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Swedish Massage

Mommy Love Massage

S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$75.00

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Relaxing and Healing Massage

Mommy Love Massage

S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

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FRIYAY Wet Cupping Therapy

Mommy Love Massage

S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

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8 Health Benefits of Having a Massage

Having a massage from skilled masseurs at home or at a spa not only relaxes you it can also ease away the kinks from your muscles and rejuvenate yourself.

While there are many different forms of massages, it would be good for you to identify if they are appropriate for you.  First of all, if you have any medical conditions or if you are pregnant, speak to your medical practitioner about what types of massages are appropriate for your condition.

You should also check with your therapist what sort of experience and certification or accreditation he or she has. In Singapore, therapists working at a massage establishment must be accredited. 

There are many health benefits to massages including:

Before any session, let your therapist know if you do have medical conditions or injury and if your doctor has stated any cautions. Your therapist is likely to advise you to drink plenty of warm or room temperature water after your massage so that you can reduce the amount of soreness the next day and it helps remove toxins from your body that your therapist has eased out.

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