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Commercial Cooking Class - Roti Prata

Chef Sharma

S$400.00 Ex Tax: S$400.00

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6D Volume Eyelash Extension


S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

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Children and Family Photography


S$500.00 S$550.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

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Swedish Massage

Mommy Love Massage

S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$75.00

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Perm' - for Medium Hair

Hairtech Salon

S$60.00 S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

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Maternity Photography


S$450.00 S$495.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

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Hair Color + Highlight

Hairtech Salon

S$100.00 S$125.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

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Classic Gel Manicure

i Nails Culture

S$38.00 Ex Tax: S$38.00

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Natural Eyelash Extension


S$40.00 S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$40.00

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French/ Glitter Manicure


S$12.00 Ex Tax: S$12.00

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1 Day Car Rental for Weekday

Sgrentacar Pte Ltd

S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

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Classic Gel Pedicure

i Nails Culture

S$48.00 Ex Tax: S$48.00

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Express Manicure and Pedicure

i Nails Culture

S$15.00 Ex Tax: S$15.00

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Classic Manicure

i Nails Culture

S$22.00 Ex Tax: S$22.00

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Express Gelish Manicure

Hairtech Salon

S$25.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

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