Author: Alex

  • Review Add on: 05/08/2018

Excellent service as always from William and his team. Have engaged his services for more than a year now. Reasonable quotes and most importantly, his team's dedication to ensure each piece of work is done with care and with thorough checks i.e. no leaks, drips after each job.

Author: Chong

  • Review Add on: 10/08/2018

Gave 4 stars rating as it was my 1st experience with this company
Justin is friendly and professional. He explained the cleaning process before starting.
My house just had a minor renovation lately and worried the fine particles may trap within the mattress , so i engaged their service to do a thorough cleaning.
I was surprised when they showed me that dirt particles that sucked up from the bed as i just bought my mattress a few months ago.
I am totally convinced that cleaning mattress is necessary ritual. We should not simply turn a blind eye to dirt /dust mine that is invisible to the human eyes since we spend 1/3 of our life on the mattress, so it’s worth spending the time and money to keep it in clean condition

Author: Angelyn

  • Review Add on: 11/08/2018

My son warmed up to Coach Alvin immediately on the first lesson and enjoyed himself. Coach Alvin is very patient and good at handling young children. I highly recommend Smileswimmers.

Author: Rochelle

  • Review Add on: 13/08/2018

Great exercising class with a fun tastic instructor!!

Author: Google-User

  • Review Add on: 14/08/2018

My Daughter is learning with Ben for years
She has gained a lot from his experience
Soon my Son will be starting his lessons with swim starter
We r looking forward for the lessons

Author: Mavis

  • Review Add on: 16/08/2018

I had a wonderful time with Tahiti dance fitness Singapore. Thanks to teachers and classmates. I'm glad to meet you all and dance together. About 3 years back, I was a dance beginner. I totally had no idea how to dance. However teacher always gives us confidence,and cheer us up. All the girls in the class are friendly and nice. I really enjoy dancing with everyone. I think it was definitely a right decision I made- join Tahiti dance fitness. Besides, I also realized, it doesn't matter how good you can dance, the most important is your attitude, and never give up!
Tahiti Dance Fitness definitely is the best dance class I ever had in Singapore. Not only I learned the dance, but also I got the positive attitude.
Dance should be always a joy and pleasure. I believe I will keep carrying all these good memories and go to my next journey.

Author: Facebook-User

  • Review Add on: 16/08/2018

I am a financial consultant by profession, and am very ambitious by nature. One of my goals in life was to run my first marathon by age 40, but because of my busy business schedule, this goal was left hanging until I realised I only had six months left to train for it. Gulp!
My client, an avid runner, introduced me to Coach Andrew. So I engaged him to help me customise a training plan that can help me finish a marathon strong. After going through his structured training program, I was able to focus my training on 3 key runs a week: a track workout, a tempo run, and a long distance run. This definitely suited my busy schedule, and what I found most useful was that I run less mileage per week, yet I can run faster than before I started the program.
In the end, I managed to complete my first marathon in Dec 2017 with six months of training, and I'm thankful to Coach Andrew for his Sstar Fitness program. Motivated by the improvement in my fitness, I continued to stay on to his training program to make running a life-long fitness lifestyle for myself to hit more personal best timings in future.
I highly recommend that you give yourself a chance to check out his training program, especially if you are a busy working professional like me, but still want to keep fit by running. Sstar Fitness program rocks!

Author: Facebook-User

  • Review Add on: 18/08/2018

Joanne is an inspiring teacher and an artist in her own right.

Author: Raj

  • Review Add on: 21/08/2018

Pets Orbit came to my rescue when I was urgently looking for a pet sitter over a weekend. Big credit to Susan for her responsiveness, and to An Er for managing my 2 dogs wonderfully while I was away. I was comfortable with how An Er managed my dogs' unique requirements. Will definitely be going to them for my future pet sitting needs. Thanks, Susan and An Er!

Author: GoogleUser

  • Review Add on: 22/08/2018

The team’s work is professional and good... personally, i am a Mechanical Engineer and i could have done the aircon maintenance myself but decided to outsource... Reviewing and looking at how the team did the maintenance works, i can say the way they do it is better than other companies...
Well done!

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