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It has been a year I engage this company for my home regular aircon servicing. I am indeed impressed with their service and professionalism. Today the team came to fix one of my aircon due to intermittent leakage issues and they didn't want to charge me a single cent. My last service was done in Jan 2018 and I was prepared to pay for today service, however, the team remarked that it is their responsibility to rectify this issue.
Wow, in my opinion in this highly competitive trade it is hard to find such wonderful after-sales service. So really must share! Thanks, Andy and partner !!

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It's always relaxing and welcoming to visit JinJin. 2 thumbs up to Aunt Emily, Priscillia and ah Hua for always delivering amazing results, giving my hair a new life and a new look. Highly recommended and don't miss out this gem!

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I needed to replace PCB and motor. One of my friend recommend me iHome-Solution. Very satisfied with their service, even the service price is reasonable. Workers are very professional and kind. Especially they are accurate and fast. I am 100% Sure to recommend their service to other people around me.

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I completed my first full Marathon today. Thanks Andrew. You are amazing as a coach.I love your dedication and commitment. You proactively ensured that I had all the inputs to train and run the marathon. Thank You!!

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Fantastic teacher with tremendous amount of patience!
My Son started learning under her guidance and enjoys going for the art classes.
Joanne is full of positivity and talent.
Highly recommend

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Very happy with Furryland! Dealing with Aaron was easy and hassle-free, accommodating and flexible with last-minute requests. Best of all, it was cage-free! Less stress for my furkids. Will certainly use Furryland again.

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On-time and professional service. Friendly attitude. Performed the chemical wash with care. The technician was an expert and knowledgeable.
Overall, good service at a reasonable cost range.

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Krisa is an excellent yoga coach. I highly recommend her to any beginner in search of a superb coach to start right or Yogis looking for a place and coach to continue and help improve their practice. She is a passion with an aura that inspires. Serenity in her home studio makes you completely relax and condition your state of mind into the mode even before practice begins.
My health has been taking a toll on me and medicine becomes my daily meals. Even with a low carbs diet, I am still putting on weight. I am always sick, keep being diagnosed with new ailments and getting tired more easily.
I was determined to seek a solution that I can save myself to get rid of medication. Four years ago, our company gave us a free membership to a fitness centre within the same building of our office, so I went for the beginner class with my colleagues, but instead of a workout, I fell asleep during the downward dog pose. Instead of a good start for some form of exercise, I came out feeling that yoga is not going to work for me, but again I can't do cardio or high impact exercise due to health reasons.
I ask around for a recommendation of professional yoga coach, but after reading their profile, I was not inspired to go for their trial lessons. Four years past and one day; I chance upon Krisa's profile on FB; after reading all the reviews and how her search for a holistic lifestyle brought her to yoga, the thought doing yoga came back again. My first trial class with her was with her group lessons. The yogis there were encouraging, and every pose I did was corrected, and I felt excellent after my experiences. I was convinced entirely of her dedication and passion, so here I am in full pursuit of yoga with Krisa. Even my son who is a die-hard gym guy have also joined me after his first trail. He is convinced that yoga is even more effective than gym and 10km of jogging.

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This is a fantastic practice. I saw Bala after experiencing shoulder pain and he was very thorough in explaining what was wrong and what treatment was needed to remedy it. There was huge improvement after the first session and if I had stayed in Singapore, I would keep seeing Bala.
I highly recommend this place.

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What a nice team of people. We feel warmly welcomed every time we join a class from the very first beginning! And good coaching too. The coaches actually watch if you do the right moves, so that you don't get injured and you get the best out of every move!

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