Author: Stephanie

  • Review Add on: 01/07/2018

Krisa is an excellent yoga coach. I highly recommend her to any beginner in search of a superb coach to start right or Yogis looking for a place and coach to continue and help improve their practice. She is a passion with an aura that inspires. Serenity in her home studio makes you completely relax and condition your state of mind into the mode even before practice begins.
My health has been taking a toll on me and medicine becomes my daily meals. Even with a low carbs diet, I am still putting on weight. I am always sick, keep being diagnosed with new ailments and getting tired more easily.
I was determined to seek a solution that I can save myself to get rid of medication. Four years ago, our company gave us a free membership to a fitness centre within the same building of our office, so I went for the beginner class with my colleagues, but instead of a workout, I fell asleep during the downward dog pose. Instead of a good start for some form of exercise, I came out feeling that yoga is not going to work for me, but again I can't do cardio or high impact exercise due to health reasons.
I ask around for a recommendation of professional yoga coach, but after reading their profile, I was not inspired to go for their trial lessons. Four years past and one day; I chance upon Krisa's profile on FB; after reading all the reviews and how her search for a holistic lifestyle brought her to yoga, the thought doing yoga came back again. My first trial class with her was with her group lessons. The yogis there were encouraging, and every pose I did was corrected, and I felt excellent after my experiences. I was convinced entirely of her dedication and passion, so here I am in full pursuit of yoga with Krisa. Even my son who is a die-hard gym guy have also joined me after his first trail. He is convinced that yoga is even more effective than gym and 10km of jogging.

Author: Mah-Si

  • Review Add on: 10/09/2018

Experienced my first 90min n traditional yoga lesson with Cher Krisa Qiu ! had known her to be very passionate and into yoga, but she is an amazing n patient teacher too!
she is vv strict ok! no food n drinks 2hrs before (thou i was a naughty student n snacked on fish soup 1h before!! ).. n halfway during lesson i was so thirsty n gulped down water n then i heard "u are not supposed to drink waterrrrrrr!!!!!" oopssss sorry!
ok jokes aside.. she teaches the true blue traditional type of yoga.. something different from the "trendy yoga studios" that most beginners go to, which is targetted at e masses, in big classes, but hence often unable to grasp the important foundations..
she is very merticulous, even down to the simple basics of how you should stand, the "parallel-ness" of your feet, how should your weight be distributed etc.. correcting our poses as we go along.. pushing u to your limits even thou i think i cant go any further.. (pain!!! haha!!)
suffered hamstrings, thighs n arms muscle aches today, but Cher says its "good aches".. there was even homework specifically for me to bring home to practice too!! (open heart open hips)
highly recommended for anyone who is interested for private lessons or just try out yoga or wanna target any specific areas of injury or even weight loss.. pls feel free to contact her!!! she is damn pro n damn zen n damn into e spiritual wellbeing.. doing this since yearssssss ago.. even go alll e way to india!!!

Author: Jiayi

  • Review Add on: 10/10/2018

Despite it being a group class, Krisa shows attention to all students equally and shares many insights on the Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is very knowledgeable and focused on the needs of her students. The home studio is only a stone's throw from Yio Chu Kang MRT, and well-decorated to give that relaxing atmosphere. Recommended for anyone who wish to give it a go at yoga. Suitable for beginners as well.

Author: Krish

  • Review Add on: 26/10/2018

I been there for yoga session , its awesome .
Worth for time and money.
Apart from yoga , she can share her knowledge in Ayurveda and also give you tips for healthy living .
And one more thing , she created very good vibe at her place , its helpful while doing yoga to focus more in it deeper , especially while doing meditation.
Can meet cute cat too

Author: Jeff

  • Review Add on: 13/11/2018

cosy little home studio! krisa was a great instructor and the class was fun, the location is just abit out of the way for me.

Author: Charmene

  • Review Add on: 14/11/2018

Super cosy studio. Love it.

Author: Andy

  • Review Add on: 08/01/2019

Thank you Bliss Shala for accommodating x6pax of our friends! With a small group I really do feel è 1-on-1 with e instructor (Krisa's nice & professional). My friends & I did enjoy è session!

Author: Jasmine

  • Review Add on: 12/01/2019

Took up a couple of yoga lessons with Krisa and was immediately inspired and delighted by her presence. She is always very welcoming, fresh and cheerful. I needed help with my body alignment + inversion poses and Krisa followed me through and guided me very patiently. With her extensive knowledge in body alignment, you can be rest assured you are in good hands! If you’re someone who’ve started yoga for a while and looking to seek professional opinions for improvements, krisa’s class is definitely the one for you to try out!

Author: Khoo

  • Review Add on: 15/01/2019

My Wife and I attended the private classes and we love the way the yoga is taught

Author: Lena

  • Review Add on: 03/02/2019

Krisa is a very sincere and caring teacher who teaches passionately and kindly. She is one of the dedicated yoga teachers I've known. Private classes with her are always enjoyable. I've always felt stronger both physically and mentally after her classes. It's a blessing to have found her.

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