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Flowers Terranium Workshop

A fun & therapeutic terrarium workshop, join Mystic Garden & learn to make your very own customised ...

The Mystic Gardens

S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

1 1.9K

Crazy Rich Asians: Singapore in a Nutshell Introductory Tour

On this 4 hours guided tour, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to Singapore as you explore the...

Monster Day Tours

S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

4 1.7K

Garden Bouquet Workshop (Preserved flowers)

An interactive session where you will learn how to create a wonderful flower bouquet, with our exper...

The Mystic Gardens

S$126.00 Ex Tax: S$126.00


Cross Stitch Workshop (Floral Theme)

During this session, learn how to create a beautiful Cross Stitch, according to a floral theme deter...

The Mystic Gardens

S$99.00 Ex Tax: S$99.00


Bespoke Garden Bouquet Workshop (Fresh Flowers)

Students will make sprawling & lush arrangements with flower & foliage materials, to create a wonder...

The Mystic Gardens

S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

1 1.4K

Beginner Anglers Course

The Beginner Angler's Course aims to introduce fishing to those interested in trying out fishing or ...

My Fishing Frenzy Academy

S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

3 1.3K

Novice Anglers Course

The yacht based Novice Angler's Course is catered for keen beginner anglers who want to learn more a...

My Fishing Frenzy Academy

S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

2 1.3K

Preserved Flowers And Calligraphy On Frame Workshop

You’ll learn basic brush calligraphy to write on a greetings card You ow to composition and constru...

The Mystic Gardens

S$111.00 Ex Tax: S$111.00

1 615

An Experiential Floral Workshop

We would be bringing you through a learning journey, an introduction on the fundamental of floral ar...

The Mystic Gardens

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00


Zowedo Test Group Service

Lorem Ipsum adalah text contoh digunakan didalam industri pencetakan dan typesetting. Lorem Ipsum te...

Zowedo Production Test Vendor

S$11.88 S$13.20 Ex Tax: S$11.88


Mangrove Exploration at Sungei Buloh

Join our guides as we embark into one of Singapore most protected wildlife reserves. This explorat...

The Science Bus Pte Ltd

S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00


Beach Exploration at Changi

Let's explore the seashore and see what we can find during the low tide. From sponges to fishes, you...

The Science Bus Pte Ltd

S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00

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