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Zowedo’s Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling System is designed for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs that provide on-call services or organise events and classes in Singapore.  

We know the challenges faced by service providers and we designed a system around how you work.  We simplified the process and made it really simple for customers to quickly book an appointment and pay for your services without having to call and ask for quotes. No more time wasted going to and fro!

The Partner Program Premium has the added advantage of automating all the time consuming administrative processes and allow customers to book your services anytime and pay for it in advance.

You can even add Book now buttons on Facebook and get more sales. This includes email reminders, rescheduling appointments, chat features, and more!

Just sign up for the Partner Program Premium and one of our Partner Success Executives will help you get started with all the necessary tools and options.


Your Profile Page

Tell your customers about yourself and your business.  Your profile page is a great way to position your business, share your credentials and what you’re passionate about.

List Your Services

List specific events or scheduled classes or flexible bookings, even 1-2-1 private sessions or group sessions. Vary your services so that customers can pick the one that suits them.

Website & Facebook Integration

Display all your services directly on your own website or add a BOOK NOW button to your Facebook page and get appointments.

Manage Working Hours & Availability

You work when you want! Set up your working hours, off days and vacations so that you maximise your availability to receive bookings.

Receive Bookings 24/7

Zowedo scheduler is on 24/7, 365 days a year, so when you’re too busy to take a call or when you are sleeping you can still get bookings.

Collect Payments

Our platform is fully integrated with Stripe so that you can get paid via Credit or Debit card.  Zowedo only charges a processing fee for successful sales

Market Place

Get free marketing and more exposure on the zowedo.com marketplace.  We have also partnered with locanto.sg so all you listings are shown there as well!

Zowedo App

Our website is fully mobile compliant and is available for customers on both Android & iOS. A Zowedo Partner app will be released soon.

All features are available to Zowedo Premium Partners


Get More Sales

Yes! We ensure a seamless booking platform so that customers will convert quickly through a multiple touch points.

Reduce No Shows

Don’t we hate it when customers cancel at the last minute?  Send automated reminders and messages to customers so that they don’t cancel their bookings.

Reduce Operational Cost

Our rescheduling feature allows customers and partners to reschedule their appointments online so you don’t have to spend time messaging and calling customers to rebook a date.

More Professional

Look like a pro on day one! Customers are more likely to use vendors that are easy to book and pay. Our chat features also mean you can respond to questions on the platform easily.

Livin' Your Dream

Starting a business can be daunting. We love to help! Talk to us about our coaching and mentoring to build your business.

Local Support

Did we say we’re a Singaporean company? You get all the support you need the moment you Sign Up. Quick and Fast!

What Businesses Use Zowedo?

Hundreds of Singapore business are already using Zowedo Dynamic Scheduler.  Its ideal for micro businesses and small businesses. If you provide any of the following services, we're the best tools for you.

Home Services

Aircon servicing, Cleaning, Pest Control, Home Improvement, Maintenance, Gardening, etc.


Kids, Celebration, Entertainment, Beauty, Massage, Pet services, Photography, etc.

Health & Fitness

Yoga, pilates classes, Fitness instructor, Group workout, Weight Loss, Sports coaching, Sports therapy, etc.


Baking & Cooking Classes, Academic Tuition, Language Classes, Music Classes, Professional Coaching, etc.


Arts & Craft, Foodie Adventures, Sight Seeing, Nature Walks, Nightlife and more.


Have a unique offering? Let us know.


You can sign up for either Free & Premium plans depending on your business needs.



Per Month
  • Create your professional profile on Zowedo.com
  • Specify service location at your location or customer’s location
  • List fixed schedule events or at anytime you are free
  • Accept bookings 24/7 on Zowedo.com
  • Platform fee of 15% on successful bookings
  • Free email and WhatsApp support

Frequently Asked Questions