About Zowedo

Zowedo Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company with a mission to democratize the services industry by connecting customers to service providers.

For too long, buying services online has been a painful process. Zowedo is here to change all that so that you can spend less time planning and more time doing.

Zowedo.com is a marketplace for all your personal, lifestyle and home service needs where you, our customers enjoy the ease and convenience of finding and buying services confidently.

We serve our customers in two ways:

a.   Service Providers:  We give freelancers, self-employed and small businesses the technology and tools they need to embrace the digital economy, grow their income and become exceptional in their chosen profession. With your own Profile Page and a list of all the awesome services you offer, reach your target audience with all the tools you need as a Zowedo Partner.

b.   Community:  Looking for a pottery class, tennis class or a handyman to fix something? Zowedo’s got you covered. With our platform, consumers can finally find reliable and verified service providers across multiple verticals, all in one place. With reviews and contact information always available, Zowedo empowers you with the tools to make the most informed decision possible, so that you can make buyer's remorse a thing of the past.

Looking for a group service like a yoga class? We’ve got those too! Zowedo Partners can offer services to a single person or an entire group, so make a day of it and bring a friend!

Key Features

To help you quickly engage a Partner of your choice, we give you access to:

  • Service Partner Profile

It’s like Facebook, but way more useful and less rage-inducing. We can’t promise you’ll become friends, but search and find the vendors you need with their services, pricing, contact information and reviews all in one place.

  • Marketplace Comparison

Make the most informed choice possible and compare all of our Partners.

  • Dynamic Scheduler

Did we mention we hate phone calls? Never call about availability again and schedule an appointment with one click.

  • Online Payment

Trust in Zowedo with our secure online payment via The Stripe Gateway. We always process payment to partners after the completion of your service – never before.

  • Customer Ratings of Zowedo Partners

Find the Zowedo Partner who’s perfect for you with our customer ratings section. With our comprehensive review process, never miss a beat or be left wondering.

  • Chat with Service Providers

Got a question? We’ve got the answer! With our chat feature, ask our Partners anything and everything to make sure you’re satisfied before booking a service.