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  • Acrylic Painting I - For Kids

    This is the first session of a 6 weeks program - Acrylic Painting course that introduces fundamental...

    Little Art Connoisseur

    S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

  • Bridal Add on Quick Look Change on the Wedding Day

    Get a bridal add on quick look change for the most beautiful day of your life provided by an experi...

    The Beauty Society

    S$250.00 Ex Tax: S$250.00

  • Curtain Steam Cleaning - On Site - 16 pieces

    Art of Cleaning steam cleans your curtain using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$256.00 S$320.00 Ex Tax: S$256.00

  • Programming Tuition

    Coverage of new O and A level syllabus for programming

    Software Developer & Programming Teacher

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • Swedish Massage

    Soft pressure, unlike the traditional massage. The pressure used during a Swedish massage therapy h...

    Mommy Love Massage

    S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$75.00

  • 12x Baby-Toddler Swimming Lessons SengKang

    Once your child completed our swimming programme for babies, parents may wish to enroll their child ...


    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • Beginner Piano Lesson - 1 x 45min

    We have developed specialised courses for the beginners because we believe that the first few years ...

    Presto Studios

    S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$50.00

  • Short Series: Baking Middle Eastern Breads Workshop

    In this workshop, explore, create and taste the different types of natural breads originating from t...

    BakerzatWork Academy

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

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  • 1 Year - Aircon Servicing (3 units)

    The most affordable, reliable and dependable aircon servicing in Singapore is now here! Joydom i...

    Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd

    S$260.00 Ex Tax: S$260.00

  • Landscape Maintenance (2 Hours)

    We plant and care personally for your landscape. Engage us with our 2 men experienced landscape tech...

    Abuzz Landscape Pte Ltd

    S$162.00 S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$162.00

  • Children and Family Photography

    One hour Photoshoot, Outdoor* or in the Studio**, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the whole fami...


    S$500.00 S$550.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

  • Beginner Anglers Course

    The Beginner Angler's Course aims to introduce fishing to those interested in trying out fishing or ...

    My Fishing Frenzy Academy

    S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

  • 1hr Yoga Session at Your Location

    Yoga Postures - Various styles of Yoga. Structure of 1 hour lesson would be- basic warm ups, Yoga p...

    Yoga by Kousi

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • 1hr Personal Training

    Get a great personal training session at a private studio. Find out which muscle need to be strength...

    Discover Health LLP

    S$80.00 S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • CCTV System with Installation - 2 Cameras

    **Chinese New Year Special Promotion** Need to install CCTV system before going for a Long holida...

    Yours Group Pte Ltd

    S$615.00 Ex Tax: S$615.00

  • 1x Yoga Basics - Group Class

    A slower approach to Yoga, Hatha Flow is both a mindful and physically demanding practice. Hatha Flo...

    Bliss Shala

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

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  • Painting Open Space (For Teens to Adults) x6 Sessions

    Looking for a space where you can have freedom to create and not having to go through all the formal...

    Little Art Connoisseur

    S$360.00 Ex Tax: S$360.00

  • 4 x 1:45 Hrs One-to-One Math Coaching Lesson - P5

    This is one hour and 45 minutes lesson. This is a private math coach lesson. Lesson and worksheets w...

    Math Learning Groups (MLGs)

    S$390.00 Ex Tax: S$390.00

  • 1:30 Hrs Hand-to-Hand Combat Training - 10 pax

    These are 1.5 hr lessons for a group of 10 people. Participants will learn how to protect themselves...

    Advanced Rehabilitation Systems

    S$500.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

  • Aircon Chemical Cleaning - 2 units

    Chemical clean of indoor aircon unit to get rid of stubborn stains trap in evaporator coil, clearing...

    Tj air-con engineering

    S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$180.00

  • Tennis Coaching - Group Session - 4 Pax

    Trial session. Learn how to hit forehand, backhand,serve and volleys. If you want to book more se...

    Jerry Lee

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • Rollerblading Classes - 4 Pax

    At HappySkates we conduct skating lessons for kids as young as 4 to adults from 30-40 years old. ...


    S$700.00 Ex Tax: S$700.00

  • One Time Lesson - Percentage In Problem Sums - 2:30 Hours

    Students will learn 4 skill sets that are frequently featured in challenging problem sums. This is 2...

    Breeze Education

    S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$75.00

  • A Level H2 Physics Lesson - Junior College 2 - IP6

    This is a 2 hours lesson with a small group (maximum 8 students). This lesson is divided by about on...

    Asterie Tuition Center

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

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  • Aquarelle Floral - Watercolor

    A 2-hour session for Adults to learn & acquire different techniques of watercolour painting and expe...

    Little Art Connoisseur

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

  • Acrylic Painting II - For Kids

    Suitable for children aged 9 & Above or have a strong foundation in Art. This is the first sessio...

    Little Art Connoisseur

    S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

  • Singapore Morning City Bike Tour

    Our journey will start at the central of Singapore, south of Singapore river, here we will visit the...

    Easy Nomad Pte Ltd

    S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

  • Historical Tour of The Early Immigrants of Singapore

    Singapore is a multi-racial and religious country, it consists of 4 main races Chinese, Malay, India...

    Easy Nomad Pte Ltd

    S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

  • Art Elective

    Student will get to focus and build a strong foundation in a specific art medium. Deep understanding...

    Art Senze LLP

    S$250.00 Ex Tax: S$250.00

  • Novice Anglers Course

    The yacht based Novice Angler's Course is catered for keen beginner anglers who want to learn more a...

    My Fishing Frenzy Academy

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

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  • 1 Day Car Rental for Weekday

    1 day car rental with a standard 5-seater small auto sedan 1500cc. - If you would like a larger ca...

    Sgrentacar Pte Ltd

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • Post Natal Traditional Massage

    Techniques Apply: Traditional Javanese Massage after birth massage -FREE: Tapel & Pilis Jammu paste...

    Mommy Love Massage

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

  • Events Photography for Birthday Parties (120 Min Coverage)

    Book with us today to preserve your precious moments. We use only high-quality equipment with backup...

    Fifty-Five Shutters Photography

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • Signature Body Hot Stone Therapy Massage

    Hot stone Body Therapy is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the bo...

    Spa Aperial

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • Gel Manicure and Classic Pedicure At Serangoon

    Come and enjoy this special occasion to have your nails, hands & foot pampered! Service includes sha...

    Spa Aperial

    S$68.00 Ex Tax: S$68.00

  • Calming Sensitive Facial At Marine Terrace

    Free from fragrances, paraben, and colorings. Instantly relieve the skin, soothe redness, irritation...

    Spa Aperial

    S$98.00 Ex Tax: S$98.00

  • Family Photography Mini-Session

    A family session at Gardens by the Bay, on the barrage, with the skyline of Singapore in the backgro...


    S$250.00 Ex Tax: S$250.00

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  • Bedbugs Eradication - Below 1000 Sq. ft.

    Bed Bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They are primarily nocturnal and tend ...

    Pest-Pro Management Pte Ltd

    S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$180.00

  • Carpet Cleaning (<80sqft)

    Art of Cleaning cleans your carpet or rug using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$160.00 S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

  • Garden Maintenance - 2 Hours

    We will come as a team of one supervisor and two workers, providing quality garden maintenance at yo...

    Green Fingers Landscaping Services

    S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$180.00

  • Regular House Cleaning - 4 or 5 Bedrooms HDB (5 Sessions)

    Our Cleaners will be providing you with General Surface Cleaning for 3 Hours per Session. For the...

    Plovers Cleaning

    S$360.00 S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$360.00

  • Basin Premium Tap Replacement

    1. New premium tap in 304 stainless steel full body. Single lever only cold water. 2. Labour ...

    Mark Kratous Design & Decoration

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • DIY Scaffold Rental Service Self collection (One Day)

    One day scaffold rental service. Self collection Dimension 75cm wide by 1.17m length by 4.2m platfo...


    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • Bed and Upholstery Steam Clean (All Beds Inclusive)

    ▫️$175 per Household (Includes all mattresses, regardless of size & quantity!!!) ▫️Complimentary ...

    Freshen Every Moment of Life

    S$175.00 Ex Tax: S$175.00

  • 1x Condenser Chemical Cleaning - 2 Units

    WellSpring Cool Air can help you breath better inside your own home or office. We can help if you ar...

    WellSpring Cool Air Engineering

    S$240.00 Ex Tax: S$240.00

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  • CardioPunch Circuit

    A full-body heart-accelerating workout that keeps you moving the whole time. When you are not throwi...

    Momentum Lab

    S$35.00 S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$35.00

  • Spartacus Training Strength and Cardio (Interval Training)

    This is a 45 minutes high-intensity interval training which combines all the best bodyweight exercis...

    Momentum Lab

    S$35.00 S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$35.00

  • Burn-HIIT Class

    This 45 minutes high-intensity interval training If you are up against your fitness barrier. Burn HI...

    Momentum Lab

    S$35.00 S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$35.00

  • 1x Adult Beginner or Intermediate Group Tennis Lesson

    Discover and master skills such as basic tennis techniques, hand-eye coordination, tennis strategies...

    Future Sports Academies Holdings

    S$45.00 Ex Tax: S$45.00

  • 1 hour Swimming Lesson 1 to 1 (Novena)

    We specialize mainly in swimming courses following a unique step by step method developed by Christi...

    Elite Coach Pte Ltd - Christian

    S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

  • 1x Prenatal Group Class (Bukit Timah)

    Make your bump journey a mindful one. Integrating mindfulness practices such as breath awareness...

    Bliss Shala

    S$35.00 Ex Tax: S$35.00

  • Polynesian Cardio Fitness - Tahitian Fitness - Trial Class

    Stay in shape with our Fun Tahiti Fitness classes that combines all the basics of Tahitian Dance “Or...

    Tahiti Dance Fitness

    S$25.00 S$35.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

  • 1x Group Fitness Trial Session at Punggol

    It's an hour from 8-9pm. Body exercises like HIIT and Tabata style. Focus on Cardio and Strengthenin...

    Fit club Singapore by active lifestyler

    S$8.00 Ex Tax: S$8.00

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  • Interviewing Skills For Career Success

    If you have an upcoming interview, sharpening your interviewing skills with a career coach could inc...

    Peet Asia Pte Ltd

    S$360.00 Ex Tax: S$360.00

  • 3D Design and Print Workshop

    Learn to design and print in 3D. Use industrial grade CAD software. Make functional and ornamental p...


    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • Python Programming

    Learn how to program and learn coding as a skill in your daily life or work.

    Software Developer & Programming Teacher

    S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

  • English for the Workplace

    Improve your English speaking and writing skills for the workplace. Find out what you need to commun...


    S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$50.00

  • Digital Marketing Coaching (2 hours)

    Learn how to take advantage of the internet for yourself or your business. As a digital marketing pr...

    Division Bell Group LLP

    S$224.25 S$299.00 Ex Tax: S$224.25

  • Piano Lesson for Ladies only

    Lessons are conducted one-to-one. You can request to learn classical or pop repertoire or even a com...

    Forte Music training

    S$60.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

  • Beginner Piano Lesson - 1 x 45min

    We have developed specialised courses for the beginners because we believe that the first few years ...

    Presto Studios

    S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$50.00

  • Short Series: Baking Asian Soft Buns Workshop

    Come learn to make some of the most sought-after bakery buns and the secrets behind how these treats...

    BakerzatWork Academy

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

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