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  • Curtain Steam Cleaning (on site) - 8 pieces

    Art of Cleaning steam cleans your curtain using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$160.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

    4 1.6K
  • Landscape Maintenance (2 Hours)

    We plant and care personally for your landscape. Engage us with our 2 men experienced landscape tech...

    Abuzz Landscape Pte Ltd

    S$162.00 S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$162.00

    4 1.6K
  • 4x 1:30 Hrs Art Classes - WonderKids: 4 - 12 Years Old

    During this 1:15 hours lesson, your child will learn art, in a fun, warm and nurturing studio. This ...

    Art Wonderland

    S$240.00 Ex Tax: S$240.00

  • Tuesday BOOTCAMP Lesson

    Bootcamp is a fairly intense mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each class ...


    S$10.00 Ex Tax: S$10.00

  • Wake-surfing Session - 2 hours

    It's session for 2-3 people. But more people can go on the boat (maximum of 6 ) and only 2-3 people ...

    Wake Time Pte Ltd

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • 2 Hrs Cocktail Party For 25 Pax

    Two cocktails of your choice from our menu of delicious cocktails will be served: Lime Margarita, Se...

    The Shake Affinity Singapore

    S$834.60 Ex Tax: S$834.60

  • 2 Hrs Cotton Candy Machine - Food Station

    We are the cheapest cotton candy rental company in Singapore! cotton candy is an all-time favorite t...

    Party People Enterprise

    S$198.00 Ex Tax: S$198.00

  • Homemade Biscuits - One to One Class - 3 Hrs

    Experience a neighbor-next-door/ home taste to this biscuit. A taste of home. A snack you can imagi...

    Food of Lovez

    S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

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  • Polynesian Dance Toddlers (3-5) Tahitian Dance - Trial Class

    Our 3 to 5 years old little dancers are the cutest “Hula Girls”! Come bring your daughter to discov...

    Tahiti Dance Fitness

    S$25.00 S$35.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

    1 903
  • Outdoor Parkour Training - Orchard

    Each session seeks to train through conditioning and further fine tune the movements your parkour te...

    A2 Parkour

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

  • One-To-One Science Lesson - Primary School

    This is a trial session. This is 2 hours lesson is a one-to-one. You will receive personalised teach...

    Tutor Ronrich

    S$40.00 S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$40.00

  • Chemical Servicing For Washing Machines

    Washing machine if not maintain, have more than 500% of bacteria and unwanted fungus and particles. ...

    Vinc Handyman

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Beach Exploration at Changi

    Let's explore the seashore and see what we can find during the low tide. From sponges to fishes, you...

    The Science Bus Pte Ltd

    S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00

  • Kids Birthday Party Magician

    Celebrate your Child's Birthday Party with our magicians, balloonists and face painters.

    Tricky Patrick Magic Show

    S$399.00 Ex Tax: S$399.00

  • Strawberry Choc Sponge Cake - One to One Class - 4 Hrs

    A less sweet chocolate sponge paired with strawberry & sugared sponge fingers is the perfect combo f...

    Food of Lovez

    S$160.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

  • Event Photography Services - 1 Hour

    Are you looking for a photographer to cover your special event ( art exhibition opening, birthday pa...

    Photography by Gregory

    S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$200.00

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  • Premium Birthday Suite Package - 12 Pax

    We love to plan for your special event! Celebrated your birthday with two families suite (large t...


    S$699.00 Ex Tax: S$699.00

  • Single Size Mattress Cleaning Service

    Big Red is your one-stop solution for mattress cleaning Singapore services. When you spend more t...

    Big Red Pte Ltd

    S$225.00 Ex Tax: S$225.00

  • Basic “Mobile 101” Phone Photography Individual Course

    This mobile phone photography course is conducted over 3 sessions. At the end of the course, you wil...

    Pictorial Photography

    S$500.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

  • Lifestyle, Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing - 4 Pax

    Maximum fun with your friends and family on my comfy and spacious SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE. This famous pr...

    Surf N Wake

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • 1 Day Gladiator Dome Game - Carnival Rental

    Have an upcoming kids birthday that requires fun and engaging activities? With this gladiator dome g...

    Party People Enterprise

    S$600.00 Ex Tax: S$600.00

  • DJ Services With Equipment - Sound System - Local Male DJ

    At DJ Collective, we focus our attention towards a single point, our efforts magnified into a powerf...

    TWO DASH29

    S$1,750.00 Ex Tax: S$1,750.00

  • 20 Pax Partner Neck and Shoulder Massage Lesson For 2 Hrs

    Unlike DIY Neck and Shoulder Massage, we can now be sweet colleagues by helping one another with a g...

    Penny Chew Massage and Healthcare

    S$900.00 Ex Tax: S$900.00

  • Oil Painting Intermediate I - 6 Sessions

    The price includes 6 sessions, book the first session here and book the others directly with the ven...

    Little Art Connoisseur

    S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

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  • Singapore Asia 101 Food Trail Tour (Adult)

    Known for a food paradise, Singapore offers a wide range of gourmet from many cuisines and culture. ...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

    3 1.4K
  • Crazy Rich Asians: Singapore in a Nutshell Introductory Tour

    On this 4 hours guided tour, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to Singapore as you explore the...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    4 1.7K
  • Michelin 1 Star Chicken Rice and Local Hawker Food Tour

    On this 4 hours guided tour, you'll explore the neighbourhood of Telok Ayer and Chinatown and sample...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    4 1.5K
  • Singapore City Bike Tour

    Our journey will start at the central of Singapore, south of Singapore river, here we will visit the...

    Easy Nomad Pte Ltd

    S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

    4 987
  • Novice Anglers Course

    The yacht based Novice Angler's Course is catered for keen beginner anglers who want to learn more a...

    My Fishing Frenzy Academy

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

    2 1.3K
  • Candlelight Dinner for Couple

    We love to plan for your dates! This is a candlelight dinner by the sea included with romanticall...


    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Mangrove Exploration at Sungei Buloh

    Join our guides as we embark into one of Singapore most protected wildlife reserves. This explorat...

    The Science Bus Pte Ltd

    S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00

  • Photography Workshop - 3 Sessions

    You want to learn photography, you're at the right place here we will learn the basics of photograph...

    Photography by Gregory

    S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

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  • Maternity Photography Mini-Session

    20 Minutes photography session. Outdoor (morning sessions) or in the studio (afternoon sessions). ...


    S$250.00 Ex Tax: S$250.00

    2 924
  • 1 Hr Land ZOVBing + 30 Min Free - Young Birthday Party (14 Pax)

    Step into an enormous clear plastic air-cushioned sphere, get strapped up and roll down a slope in a...

    WOW Experience Pte Ltd

    S$490.00 Ex Tax: S$490.00

  • 2 Hrs Cocktail Workshop For 10 Pax

    This workshop lasts 2 hours with a maximum of 10 participants. Learn basic bartending and mixolog...

    The Shake Affinity Singapore

    S$875.00 Ex Tax: S$875.00

  • 30 Min Interactive Kids Magic Show

    Party People provides kids magic show for your party in Singapore! Our professional magicians have m...

    Party People Enterprise

    S$280.00 Ex Tax: S$280.00

  • 1h30 Science Package - Science Show And Workshop

    Science has never been so entertaining with this interactive show! This science show is interesting ...

    Mr Bottle's Kids Party

    S$590.00 Ex Tax: S$590.00

  • Candy House Bouncy Castle Rental For One Day

    The rental of a candy house bouncy castle for one day.

    Party People Enterprise

    S$850.00 Ex Tax: S$850.00

  • 1 Day Small Round Ball Pit With Slide Rental

    Have an upcoming kids birthday that requires fun and engaging activities? With this ball pit, we cat...

    Party People Enterprise

    S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

  • DJ Services For Events With Equipment - Local Female DJ

    At DJ Collective, we focus our attention towards a single point, our efforts magnified into a powerf...

    TWO DASH29

    S$2,100.00 Ex Tax: S$2,100.00

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  • Moving In/Out and Spring Cleaning Service (801-1000sqft)

    Welcome to DEW Homes! We would like to offer you our Pre Move-in, Post Reno, Pre/Post Tenancy, Festi...

    Dew Homes Pte Ltd

    S$290.00 Ex Tax: S$290.00

  • Carpet Cleaning (<80sqft)

    Art of Cleaning cleans your carpet or rug using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$160.00 S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

    1 1K
  • Garden Maintenance - 1 hour

    We will come as a team of one supervisor and two workers, providing quality garden maintenance at yo...

    Green Fingers Landscaping Services

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    2 1.1K
  • Regular House Cleaning - 2 or 3 Bedrooms HDB (5 Sessions)

    Our Cleaners will be providing you with General Surface Cleaning for 3 Hours per Session. For the...

    Plovers Cleaning

    S$340.00 S$425.00 Ex Tax: S$340.00

    2 891
  • Basin Premium Tap Replacement

    1. New premium tap in 304 stainless steel full body. Single lever only cold water. 2. Labour ...

    Mark Kratous Design & Decoration

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • 1x Aircon Chemical Overhaul - 1 Unit

    WellSpring Cool Air can help you breath better inside your own home or office. We can help if you ar...

    WellSpring Cool Air Engineering

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Chemical Servicing For Washing Machines

    Washing machine if not maintain, have more than 500% of bacteria and unwanted fungus and particles. ...

    Vinc Handyman

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Painting Services - All Kitchen Wall

    This painting is Water Scalant Painting. Are you looking for a change or eyeing to improve the l...


    S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$200.00

  • Health & FitnessView All >

  • Kickboxing - Trial Session

    Learn American-style evasive way of fighting Kickboxing is a combat sport in which two people, usu...

    The jungle

    S$32.00 Ex Tax: S$32.00

  • Learn how to run injury free - Module 1

    Group class minimum of 8 persons. Running comes naturally, yet many people get injured. Learn ho...


    S$60.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

    1 199
  • Wake-boarding Session - 2 hours

    It's session for 2-3 people. But more people can go on the boat (maximum of 6 ) and only 2-3 people ...

    Wake Time Pte Ltd

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • Tone and Strecht Lesson

    Work out your body Pilates style with body weight as your resistance to tone and condition your body...

    Flyte Studio

    S$25.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

  • ABT Abs Butt Thighs Lesson

    Full lower body conditioning focusing on your Abs Butt & Thighs with Personal Trainer, Wallace. E...

    Flyte Studio

    S$25.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

  • Paddle Lessons for SUP Beginner

    1.5 hours introductory lesson begins with a 30 mins land/water theory, safety and techniques with ou...

    Team Informa

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

  • Aqua Spin - Single Trial Session at Swissôtel Merchant Court

    One session to use whenever you want to. No commitment. No validity period, join us whenever you wan...

    Aqua Spin Pte Ltd

    S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$50.00

  • LearningView All >

  • 1x Higher Chinese Lesson - Trial Session

    Ronald Tuition Service is conducted by dedicated and highly responsible , part time tutor Mr Ronald ...

    Ronald Tuition (1-1 Tuition Service)

    S$15.00 Ex Tax: S$15.00

  • 45 Minutes Lesson In Maths For Sec 1 To GCE O-N Exams

    A 45 min lesson with an experienced teacher. You will have personal coaching in maths. For Sec 1...

    Teacher Alnz

    S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$50.00

  • 4 x 1:30 Hrs Individual Experimental Science Lessons - P4 Level

    These experimental science lessons are an individual class. The student will receive personalised te...

    Learn And Grow Education

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • 1:15 Hrs Essential DJ Course

    This is a 1:15 hours workshop. This is an individual lesson. Be prepared for any party environme...

    Group Of Djs Asia

    S$60.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

  • 2 Hrs Of Holistic Art Education Program - Trial Session

    It's an open art lesson. This class lasts 2 hours. It's a trial session. It's a mixed class of a max...

    We Love Fine Arts

    S$63.00 Ex Tax: S$63.00

  • 1 Hr Weekly Art Classes For Primary School On Monday

    This is for 4 lessons. This is a weekly art class, for primary school students. Each lesson lasts on...

    EMStudio SG

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • 3 Colors Ombre Cake - One to One Class - 4 Hrs

    Learn a unique design cake. With interior assembled into layers of different hues of the same color,...

    Food of Lovez

    S$160.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

  • Basic “Camera 101” Control And Composition Individual Group

    Express Basic Camera 101 Workshop then is the perfect workshop for you! Our workshop is designed for...

    Pictorial Photography

    S$500.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

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