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Discover Home, Personal, Fitness, Classes, Services on Zowedo

Zowedo.com is your online gateway for all your personal, lifestyle and home service needs where you can enjoy the ease and convenience of finding, booking and buying services confidently.

Finding services on the internet is like finding a needle in a haystack and very often you will have to go through multiple steps or calls and private messages before you can find what you need.  It is also hard to determine if you are getting a fair price for the service you are buying.  We’ve changed that! We’re on a mission to democratize the service industry by connecting small and medium enterprises to customers.

Zowedo brings you some of Singapore’s best service providers for home, lifestyle, health and fitness, experiences and learning. Need a tennis coach? A tutor? A handyman? Maybe a yoga instructor? Or even a cool experience like heading out to Singapore’s southern islands for some fishing? Every day we have new listings added on Zowedo from amazingly talented and skilled micro vendors, small businesses and even part-timers.  100% local businesses that only want the best for you. With a wide variety of services on offer, you’ll be sure to find a service for your personal or family needs.

Find, Book, Pay and You’re Done!

With Zowedo booking a service fast and convenient. All you need to do is find a service you need, book an appointment and pay for the service.  Really it's that simple, no filling forms and waiting for quotations.  With our proprietary Dynamic Scheduler, you can book a fixed class or a flexible appointment date and time of your choosing for the service to be delivered.

Safe & Secure

All partners on Zowedo are pre-qualified and we make it as transparent as possible for you to read reviews, visit their social media and web presence to make an informed assessment of the service provider. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit or debit cards.  All payments are secured through Stripe payment gateway and we never store your credit card details on our platform.  Your booking fees will only be disbursed to the vendor after the service is completed so you can rest assured.

Now it's so easy to get stuff done! Download our app and save all your favorite services so that you can book your preferred vendors quickly and easily. Tell your friends and earn more discounts and rewards too!

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We have curated a wide range of partners centered around your family, friends, and lifestyle - so Zowedo is the only app you need!

Join The Partner Program

Become a Partner on Zowedo and share your skills and talents with others. We empower micro-vendors, free-lancers, self-employed and small business owners with all the tools you need to run your business in the digital world so that you can focus on delivery - not admin and marketing! We provide marketing, scheduling assistant, and payment solutions to make your business more professional. If you have a skill, talent or just want to make some extra money, sign up here!